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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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♪ [ music ] . >> he is a you tube sensation, hopefully recruiters are watching as well, thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. go to tell me what you thought about the judge giving 30 days to that teenager. please stand by, this is a test g.night from washington. >>. >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: what in the world is going on with some of the young people in america? [ laughter ]
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>> greg, you can start. >> greg: go ahead you can do it. >> dana: i'm going to get fired. can you read it for me. >> greg: all right these mocks of kids tearing up stores in new york city and elsewhere. over 60 students forced to withdraw from harvard after a cheating scandal and take a look at this young woman in florida earlier this week. >> adios. [ bleep ]. >> bring her back again. i believe i heard you saying, i believe, did you say [ bleep ] to me. did you say that? >> yes, sir, did i. >> you did say that.
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30 days in the county jail. >> dana: that was 18-year-old but is that not funny at all staring at a judge and flipping the bird. i have screwed that up. she had 30 days. andrea, i want to help save me. what i like about it. there are consequences for this young lady, also whether she answered and she said, yes, sir, did i say that. at least she is somewhat polite. what a cocky kid. i love this judge, not because he sounds like antonio banderas but everyone was thinking the same thing. maybe it be a lesson to anyone that behaves that way. it's endemic and i think its
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breakdown down the family. when they grow up in these households and the dad is not around and mom is always working or whatever the situation is. they think they can get away with whatever they want. >> dana: some have said i have a tendency to talk back. someone said that when i was junior high in high school, but i was afraid of my dad. he would have told me to stuff it. are you like that with your daughter who i know is perfect angel. >> bob: i can't believe you did that as well as you did. i think it was a little extreme, 30 days for that. maybe two weeks of community service, but i don't think it's endemic never before a judge that wanted to flip the guy off. she was stoned. >> dana: that is the problem. this might be the best thing that ever happened to her eric. she was arrested. she had 26 bars, which i thought
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was a bar but it's a xanax. she had fallen off a bike, riding a bike under the influence and got in the trouble in the first place. >> eric: number one i agree with andrea. kids have no respect. they have no respect. in court you better have respect. you go into the courtroom, you better have respect. to all the teens, going to court and mean mom and dad, don't be mean to the judge. it's interesting that bob can drop an "f" bomb. >> dana: do you think you'll get more punishment for accidentally saying the "f" word than screwing up. >> bob: the fact that you talked back is no surprise to any of us at table. >> dana: i was very sharp. >> the theme of the "a" block is that young people suck.
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we've gone from a talk show to a retirement home. i think next segment the horrors of stale prunes and loud music. i agree kids have gone from seen and not heard to being heard at the scene. stop it. flash mobs are nothing more than pockets of redistribution. why should we be upset if they are trying to get a fair shot of free stuff? basically liberals in a hoodie. i had to do that. we have to be careful with this. there isn't an epidemic with this stuff. it's being taped by people because there is so many cellphones. why does this stuff happen in general? i'm going to say something that upsets people. adults can no longer beat up teenagers. this is a problem. adults should be able to smack a teenager when a teenager is being a jerk. i want to start greg's law, when
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a kid is being a jerk in a flash mob or doing something. you should be able to allowed to punch them. go to adults can beat up which i just started and sign up. >> bob: what if they are bigger than you. >> there is a proliferation of flash mobs and they are on youtube. let's play the flash mob. i'm not sure they all end up in kids ripping off convenience stores. >> it's called a flash mob with assault and battery. >> dana: it's not all like glee. >> that is not a mob though. that is a chorus. >> greg: a flash mob with something else. >> it's still that meaning today. >> you don't think, so the flash mob has grown from philadelphia and other places we reported on here. i don't remember that ever
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happening when i was a kid, but when you were a designer -- when you were working at diner, did you have kids that caused problems. >> did your dad ever say get the heck out of there? >> he said get me the heck out. he would go after me. it's the pointed about the judge is going to throw the book at you if you are disrespectful. he does that because the parents haven't thrown the book can he te kids. i never would have been allowed to speak that way. i would have been eating back in the father's my hand. he never would have let it get that far. that is what missing. same thing with the flash mobs. they have nothing better to do and it's hard for a lot of parents. these single mothers have the hardest job and the kids run wild but it's the breakdown of
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the family. >> bob: you can't do. case in point. greg he'll talk back and my wife will punish him or pull our hair out everything. same thing with me. >> ran that by my kids and you have the nicest kids in the world. >> dana: as i kid you are saying why are you so nice to those kids and not nice to me. >> flash mob. >> bob: when i was a teenager we did it and go in the stores and steal a playboy. >> you did it in black and white. >> bob:, but listen, the point about this being relatively true, but the judge thing is not knew. we haven't new. we haven't talked about the harvard. >> dana: i was going to get to
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that. >> greg: somebody should tell the mayor you are hundred percent less likely to be mobbed by big gulps and maybe you should help them out. and what is worse for kids, football or flash mobs. a lot of this has to do with extracurricular activity. you have to have stuff for them to do. the worst thing, these kids are lazy. they didn't bother to learn. they don't know skills of shoplifting. when you were a kid you took pride in slipping a t-bone down your pants. >> bob: did you have to go there? >> when you went and shoplifted it was you against the store. now it's so easy, you have all these people coming in. >> bob: wait a second. i might have stole a candy a t-bone. >> when i work at albertsons,
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big thing was taking a large steak and dropping down their pants. >> is that a t-bone in your pants. >> greg: it was a common thing. >> i want know if gregate the t-bone. >> dana: i wanted to make one other point. it's not just happening in inner cities but happening at harvard but over 60 students got caught in a cheating scandal and they had to leave harvard. the class was introduction to congress. [ laughter ] >> dana: they should get a's for that. >> 60 people to coordinate on a cheating scandal, that is a lot. >> bob: it was a take home. >> you you were suspended. >> they should stay out. harvard allows them to go back
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in year if they community ss. they wrote the rules. it's harvard and they want to bring them back again. >> greg: it's a tragedy because they won't achieve their dream to become dem staffers. >> they can work on wall street. >> time out. perino. did you just say that. >> dana: it was a very popular thing. >> i am hiring. >> the punishment at harvard, they force the students to take six months off. if they get a job on their own, that is academy related or through the family they can come back to school. i do have a position operate op in my position and you only have to hold that position for about an hour. [ laughter ] >> dana: next, saying goodbye to saturday delivery for the u.s. post office. is that enough to help the
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institution which is billions of dollars. next on the five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ she ain't never gone too long ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> in an attempt to fix the multibillion dollar of taxpayer money, the post office announced its band-aid. they are not delivering on saturday, but here are few postal low lives. in 2012 the u.s. postal service went a whopping $16 billion in the hole paying $512,000, that is more than president obama to the postal inspector. it will save $2 billion a year, but is it time to privatize
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that. >> bob: the largest service fed ex handle a fra we know the biggest part of the congressman dating to help healthcare $35.5 billion over ten years. that is the reason they are big issue. that is one i'll say the union went too far. >> eric: the treasury loaned them the money. ultimately we pay the treasury. we are on the hook? >> i think what the post office finally did today, they finally admitted to themselves what was inevitable, this was going to happen. to bob's point, the congress keeps voting them. same you hated the post office but your local people you love them. there is a reason that the bills that were passed last year and majority were all naming the post office. this is what people love to have
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the post office in the local community. already today you saw rural congressional members saying that the saturday delivery stoppage is an outrage. these are conservative people, but they are more for local post offices before. most powerful person in cabinet so they stopped it. >> $16 billion a year and eliminated saturday $2 billion. they would lose four billion if they eliminated all the days. i actually love the postal service. i don't know why. email killed it, but only people that are still using it are the elderly who don't use email. my mom calls the computer devil box. postal service it leads for the elderly to survive. they should sell products while they are delivering ribbon camera and reverse mortgages.
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>> i don't really see this as a big deal. financially it's not a big deal. so what you don't get mail on a saturday. what is so strange they are still delivering packages which is unfair to the workers. post offices are still going to be open and delivering packages just not first class mail. it's a little bit strange. president actually went after the post office in 2009 to prove that a government run program like the post office won't drive private competition out of business when he is talking about fed ex. that obamacare won't drive other private industries out of business. i would say obamacare is the post office of healthcare postal laws made us think which government services are favorites to hate? is it the post office. >> yeah, i go to 40-year-old for mrs. abraham simpson. >> i haven't seen my grandma for years. >> ran away from all this, what
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a fool. >> or maybe it's the tsa. >> you have been select for a pat down. >> can you focus on my shoulders. that is where i carry it. if i fart, that means i'm so relaxed. >> one of my favorites. >> some day we don't let the line move at all. we call those weekdays. >> that is your favorite service. >> what is hiafg to me is how the simpsons are dead on these things. it's very liberal show. i read the question wrong. my favorite part of government is the military. why does that run so well and everything else not run that great. it doesn't have a union. instead of a union it has a hierarchy and discipline and pride. >> bob: you think it is run well? >> i never met a vet who doesn't show up late. they are always on time.
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they always work hard. they are always clean and dependable. >> i watched the simpson's cook, have you been patted by tsa? >> i have been patted down by a lot of police officers in my career. my favorite one that i don't like, the internal revenue service, because they come at you. you got to be on the other side that nobody should have. they have their own courts. they can freeze your bank accounts. they can do anything they want. >> whichever has the longest line. i would have to go dmv and the post office. the post office is pretty notifying. dmv is where your sense of humor goes to die except where governor daniels fixed it. through merit pay if you were working at dmv and cut their time, average wait was 30 minutes to 13 minutes, then the
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people working at the dmv got extra money in their paycheck. it worked. it can be done. >> bob: when you go to register junior car by the time you get it it's time to get registered again. >> eric: anybody that doesn't, i find out when it closes and you go two minutes before it closes, you get inside the door and they lock you in so you no one else gets in. >> greg: we're having the discussion about worst government program, obamacare, this is what we're looking forward to? >> and the packages is like some kind of machine. why do they make you waited in line at the post office? you can get them online. >> we have to go. greg makes his own stamps. think that is illegal.
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do you want eyes in the sky capturing every move in america. some places want to ban it. is there an up side? and tom petty i believe. >> i believe so. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ every move you make ♪ every vow you break ♪ every smile you face ♪ every claim you stake, i'll be watching you ♪ >> as congress considers to put limits.
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what they did, originally we wanted this to be no drone zone. even though they don't have a drone. that didn't make it through. eric, the city council passed a resolution saying that if we do get a drone, basically, on the off chance we do actually buy one. that evidence will not be able to be used in a courts. so whatever drone seems to pick up in charlottesville, it's basically just symbolic. it's non-biend go. >> eric: let's talk about the issues. can you use the drone on public property? can you use a drone on private? to spy on private property. most states will say no, you can't find out what people are doing in their backyard. the issue that arises, if i go through a traffic light in new york city, it's basically a drone on a stick. you are doing something illegal and public property and you'll get nailed.
11:30 pm
i'm okay with that. >> andrea: you don't even care if the drone is in your shower. >> greg: i love drones. in my apartment. that is why eric has to pay into my account. drones we do better as culture if we know we are being watched. my hygiene habits are better during the five. >> it's like north korea. >> people tend to do better. >> andrea: you are go okay with this. >> greg: think that drones can deliver the mail. drones could solve every problem. could a drone sit seat light there. >> greg: i am a drone. >> the federal government has drones, the state government....
11:31 pm
>> a lot of the street lights and street signs have cameras on them already. with drones they are mobile ones. >> greg: we didn't know that. >> dana: what i was going to say city council clearly has too much time on its hands. it's like the pre-drone policy they didn't need. i was saying this earlier and greg liked this, only good thing that came out of charlottesville was finley and the dave matthews theme. >> bob: the state of virginia passed a law that will probably be signed by a governor that bans drones for two years. there are 11 other states that moving through anti-drone legislation. montana can't use them. these things are hideous. they are invasion of privacy. they estimate 30,000 of these things are going to be flying around here. >> andrea: even if state pass
11:32 pm
laws, they don't trump feds. so as much a state or city wants to say we don't want a drone, too bad. >> bob: montana is state law. >> greg: close your curtains. >> why do you want big brother looking at you. >> dana: i'm anti-drone. >> on public property. on the roads you are against the drone picking up. >> bob: the only thing to use a drone for a child kidnapped and follow them, that would be fine. >> andrea: they are supposed to help cops and capture missing kids. the problem is when they get into somebody emsz hands and faa is going to make it easier to get a drone. estimate for drones will be $11 billion. >> greg could by a drone. aren't you nervous about that. >> greg: this is the future. personal droning. when you have your own drone and you are like somebody is bovlg
11:33 pm
you at a bar. drone goes out and runs the person off. once you make it small, it be like a little pet. >> bob: for a libertarian, i am amazed you find this okay. >> greg: i would control it. >> bob: there are government is looking in at you all the time. >> as much i'm in favor of national security it's not at expense of total privacy. >> you are con incarcerating two issues, you forgo your privacy when you are driving down the road. you said i don't have a right to my own privacy. >> assuming that i trust you big brother, just film me when i am driving down the road. i don't think that is going to be the outcome and starts letting people get drones at will. >> that camera could be in someone's backyard.
11:34 pm
>> charlottesville. >> aren't you supposed to be the conspiracy theorist. able to see your body. it's natural to get suspicious about this. if you are in a public space, you are in a public space. they aren't going to come into your backyard. >> bob: they will. this is very dangerous development. >> andrea: i actually agree with you, that government can do bad things with a drone. >> banning plastic bags can be hazardous to health and it may be killing people in san francisco. greg will explain and that is coming up next on the five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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now back to new york and the five. ♪ ♪
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♪ last year, san francisco banned plastic shopping bags for the reusable cloth kind to help save the birds, what is good for sea gulls is bad for non-sea gulls, researchers say the eco friendly contain harmful bacteria in the cloth bags. it's associated with 46% increase in deaths from food borne illnesses. that is boost in death in that county of five and a half people or 12 dana perinos and linked with the plastic bag ban dwarfs the saving with reducing the
11:41 pm
litter. no so environmentists accept the seagull is no less important than your sister. what is a few deaths if it makes one pointless bird safer. they pushed it and ddt and killed millions and love of birds stopped ugly window that killed more of our friends. forget the inhumanity of unmanned planes. deadly yest drone of all a s al gore. see what i did there? dana, in the break seagull's life is more valuable than a human life? >> hundred percent. they are so beautiful. >> you are extremely concerned about that. dr. seagull and his family are more important than us? >> that is seagull.
11:42 pm
>> and flying rat. >> can i make a point in defense of this. i think first of all you need petroleum to make plastic bags. we are arguing because we don't have enough petroleum. i think it makes a lot of sense. four people could die by falling in a toilet. >> that is liberal perspective. it's bad use of petroleum. people dying, that is okay. you use a lot of petroleum products bob. yes, you do. >> bob: you're right. >> greg: eric, where do you stand on this. >> eric: i'm not stand can, i'm sitting. >> if you use cloth bags you will die. >> because you don't wash them and bacteria is in them and food
11:43 pm
leaks in the bags and people are contaminating themselves. >> greg: it's like using a diaper. [ laughter ] >> i'm for businesses providing what they want and if they want to provide paper or plastic. >> i don't like the shaming. not carrying your own bag, bring your fancy bag with a logo it on. you go to the grocery store, did you bring your bag. know no, they announce it over the loud speaker and charge you more. >> personal responsibility, people are supposed to clean the bags and few of them die. >> how often does food leaks over these bags. get another bag. it sounds like rat infested worm >> i think it's crazy. >> how much t-bones leak.
11:44 pm
>> talking about the idea that people felt that disposable diapers were evil until you realized how much detergent you need. >> and you go to the house with babies, you three cover up the smell. >> what about what they are doing in new york city. how does one they need the cart before go to the grocery store. i don't have my sack and i don't have my little cart. >> this is something the chiropractors have started. there is whole conspiracy so the chiropractor mafia. >> you are targeting the homeless. >> i am targeting the liberals that yank their carts around. >> i'm going to target this, is this logo to promote job growth sexist? some of the women down south think so. we'll ask the ladies here what they think next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ taking care of business ♪
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♪ every way. we have been taking care of business ♪ ♪ it's all right ♪ taking care of business >> state of florida has stepped in it in than effort to promote business in the state. the state has commissioned an advertising campaign and it has as a slogan, florida the perfect climate for business, however the "i" is replaced with a business tie. there are women in florida which has the fourth largest number of women that own businesses in the country are upset because this a sexist logo. i agree with them completely. how about you, eric? >> eric: you think that is sexist because there a tie in logo. isn't a business tie -- i don't think it's sexist because i don't wear a tie. >> dana: i think this outrage over nothing. do they not have women on the committee. when you do a logo and have to run it by everybody.
11:50 pm
i don't think it's bad, i think it's stupid. i had to look at this three times, i thought it had to do with climate change. >> bob: dornt doesn't bother you either. >> i don't view it as sexism. if you crossed out the word business and said florida, the perfect climate but here is why the women are hypocrites. i bet every one of them at this book, 50 shades of gray where they try up 6 a woman using a tie. >> bob: why do you have a book on that? >> because we did a segment on it. >> and national organization of businesswomen, in fairness to these groups, they did run this by, 25 businesswomen in florida who didn't see anything wrong with it. >> you know why? because they were tough, strong businesswomen. if they were weak women, they
11:51 pm
are successful women, the reason they got there, they didn't cry. it's too masculine. >> i'm out numbered again. are you saving me or not. >> bigger question, why ties? the whole thing, it's either a lease or a bid. it's most irrelevant piece of apparel since pants. >> what did you say? >> most irrelevant thing since pants. >> excuse me. >> will you tell people why you are wearing your glasses. >> they convinced me i should go swimming for exercise and i did and my goggles broke and my eyes puffed up and that is why i'm wearing them. >> you are still wearing them. >> that is very funny. >> i like the glasses.
11:52 pm
>> bob: thank you. >> where do you get those from, that is what i want to know. >> like i think it's beautiful. >> i don't really care. i have a hard time coming up with an opinion on this one, i'm going to stay, everybody should be fired, everybody, how is that? >> bob: think it's pretty good. three against two. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ she worked hard for the money ♪ ♪ she worked for the hard for the
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ask your docto about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's time for one more thing, eric, what in the world are you wearing. you go first. >> the reason he is wearing this eric has not yet learned it makes no sense in betting. he i bet on the ravens and he bet on the niners. it's part of the payoff. what does it say there eric? >> it says, i'm right, i'm bob and i'm left on bob. can i pointed something out, when i lose, i pay my bills immediately. >> you and i bet the alabama
11:57 pm
national championship and you were supposed to wear the elephant hat. >> bob: is that because it's so ridiculous. >> eric: then don't bet. >> that was my christmas present to you, bob. i ordered that for my kid. anyway, i'm glad. try something else on. >> the other thing, our executive producer didn't wear his shirt either. >> why don't you. >> jay leno pointed out something that we pointed out a couple of days, also, 60 minutes gives pretty easy interviews with obama, watch. >> hey, did you see president obama and hillary clinton on 60 minutes gushing over each other. then i saw a commercial earlier
11:58 pm
today. >> a moment that starts off ordinary can become something sl special. it might come from a smile. a glance. [ laughter ] >> and when it does, you'll be ready with cialis. [ laughter ] >> oh, jay. if we would have done that we would have been trouble. >> i'm already going to be fired. >> you are not going to be fired. let's go to andrea. >> andrea: with the internet and all these social mediums we talk about how young people are not learning how to read and write. one buffalo, new york elementary school decided to teach kids grammar by correcting tweets from n.f.l. athletes. look at the first tweet by chris the same one that was in trouble for anti-gay comment. he says, i play to god i'm never
11:59 pm
dying broke. you can have a field day with grammar mistakes. this one, i could be a lot better but with the football. they fixed that one. and walker, merry christmas to everyone, may god bless you all. they could have a field day with mine. i am always doing misspellings. >> can't get enough of that stuff. please kill me. hey, first before i do my this. i started watching hard-core pawn, absolutely. >> you started watching porn. >> pawn. >> bad phrase. i for one, the only time


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